IRS Commissioner Declares Himself a “Big Believer” in the IRS Whistleblower Program

September 25th, 2014 by Qui Tam

At a speech last week, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen announced changes aimed at creating better relations between whistleblowers and the IRS’s whistleblower program. The changes include a 70% increase in staff at the IRS whistleblower office – 31 new employees – to handle whistleblower filings. Mr. Koskinen’s remarks follow new whistleblower regulations designed to provide more information to whistleblowers with pending claims and pay more money to those with substantiated cases.

In his speech, Koskinen called himself a “big believer” in the whistleblower program and noted the deterrent effect that the program has on companies contemplating tax evasion. He also emphasized his commitment to expand “the program’s reach and improving communications with existing or potential whistleblowers.”

The full text of the IRS Commissioner’s remarks can be found here.


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