MRI Contractor Gets Scanned For False Claims

September 4th, 2013 by Qui Tam

Imagimed, LLC and several of its former owners and staff physicians settled allegations of false claims with the US Attorney for the Northern District of New York.  The false claims concerned Imagimed’s fraudulent practice of performing MRI’s with contrast dyes without direct supervision of a qualified physician.  A physician is required to be present because of the risk of anaphylactic shock.  Imagimed submitted claims for MRI’s claiming that a physician had been present when, in fact, no physician was present.  Claims also involved improper referrals of MRS patients to Imagimed by physicians that had an improper financial relationship with the company.  The claims alleged violations of the Stark laws and the Anti-Kickback Statute.  The defendants paid $3.57 million to settle the claims.  The relator, radiologist Patrick Lynch will receive $565,000 from the proceeds. 

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