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October 5th, 2009 by Qui Tam

Welcome to the False Claims Act – Whistleblowers Blog. The Federal and State Governments spend trillions of dollars each year to fund a wide variety of programs and to purchase vast amounts of goods and services.  Some of the larger government programs include: Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Defense-Military Spending, the Troubled Assets Relief Program (“TARP”), Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) Spending, Department of Education Grants; Department of Energy Grants and Mining and Gas Royalties; and General Services Administration (“GSA”) Spending.   

Each of these government programs is a frequent target for fraudulent schemes and false claims. The Government does not have the resources necessary to protect every dollar of taxpayer spending. The Government has come to rely upon Whistleblowers, often referred to as “Qui Tam Relators,” to blow-the-whistle on businesses and individuals who attempt to defraud the Government.

This blog is devoted to providing information and resources to those interested in: whistleblowers; fraud by government contractors; the Federal False Claims Act; State False Claims Acts; Government Investigations; Qui Tam Actions; Qui Tam Relators; Pharmaceutical Industry Fraud; Defense Contracting Fraud; Healthcare Fraud; Financial Industry Fraud; Construction Industry Fraud; Energy Industry Fraud; Grant Fraud; Disaster Recovery Fraud; and Government Procurement Fraud.

We welcome you to this Blog, and hope that you find the information and resources useful and enlightening.

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